Reviews for "Do Not Feed The Alligator"

Alligator FTW

I knew the alligator would rise up and rebel! And the guy whimpering in his car was the funniest stuff ever


so he pisses the gator off by throwing icecream on its nose then pushes the lady XD


i figured thats what was going to happen but the dialogue got me i almost shat myself i was laughing so hard great job

Grand Prize well-deserved!!! (spoiler ahead!)

i was thinking that it'll be like some horror movie where the scary ghost/monster/demon just pops out from behind the car. i wasn't disappointed! almost gave me a heart attack! and that guy's expression - priceless! got me laughing when i think i'll be like him if i were in his shoes too haha!


hehehe it was kinda unexpected considering it all looked like normal^^