Reviews for "Do Not Feed The Alligator"

That was very well done!

A little predictable, but it was done quite well.


dude that was so funny.that should be number one of all time


this is halarious
the gator scared the CRAP out of me!!!


It was completely unexpected how you planned to pull off the gator at the end. I absolutely loved the way it happened, and him knocking over the woman in the background was the cherry on top. I would normally expect more, but you were trying to fit it into festival criteria, so it's cool. Beautifully done.


OMG!!!....This flash is cool..When the guy threw icecream on the gator then out of nowhere the gator pops out of nowhere and that part was funny and scary...I liked it but is kinda short..
Vote Score: 5/5
Review Score: 10/10