Reviews for "Do Not Feed The Alligator"


OMFG that was HILARIOUS!!!! (lol i cant spell for crap.)
Im not giving you a 10 only because it was to short, that is the only reason.

DeuceNine responds:

It's my submission for the "15-seconds-to-Fame" section of the Festival. Meaning that it could only have been 15 seconds long. This Newgrounds version I made is actually around 22 seconds long, so technically I made it longer just for you guys.


it was predictable though, but thats what made it so funny.

I owned you!

I will not give you a ten because only egoraptor deserves ten at every shit he do...

That was predictable... but sure i think he was thanking him until i watched again! Can you make another?

job well done

nice animation nice sound keep it up


HAHAHA OMG this goes into my favorites right now!
Altough it was predictable it was amanzigly well drawn and animated to be funny! LOL