Reviews for "Do Not Feed The Alligator"

Don't make me come back here again...

...to see this video for the 12th time!


lol my friend kept on saying that and then he told me to check this out lol nice job :D

DeuceNine responds:

NICE! I've always wanted to start a nostalgic slogan!

It works

Another flash that is brief but still manages to work well with its single punchline. I really liked the animation in this, especially with how the guy's lips were moving and he was crying. I couldn't even understand what that alligator was saying anyway. While I was kind of expecting it to attack him, I was surprised he didn't kill him. He just made him feeling sad or something like that. Alligators would be offended if someone threw ice cream on them, you know.

Made my week

i love watching this over and over its awesome. Good animation 5/5

Great originality, love the idea

It's a great idea and great animation, I love his reaction at the end