Reviews for "3rd Grade Transformers"

awesome video but should have been called transawesom


Put simply....wait for it.... waaaaaaait fooooooooor iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit..... DA FUCK WAS THAT!

at least it was better than transformers 3

I have put off on reviewing this movie for far too long, but here it goes. The artwork in this is not only a humorous style with the kids, but the two audience members are detailed quite well. The animation is perfect from beginning to end, it all flows very smoothly and fast. The story is pretty much standard fair with your comedy from the screaming and yelling, but with some of your parodies where it seems a bit out of place, it really works with this concept. Parodying the second Transformers movie through a 3rd Grade Play was simply genius. The timing was perfect, the pacing was fast and had me laughing from beginning to end. The voice acting also fits very well here, the sound effects are all perfect, and the music by HappyHarry was spot on as always, so kudos to him. This is one movie I can watch again and again. A true masterpiece.

|| Cheers ||
*Masterful Artwork
*Masterful Animation
*Masterful Sound
*Masterful Voice
*Masterful Music
*Masterful Story
*Perfect Score

|| Jeers ||