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Reviews for "Gimme Dat Butt"

Amazing execution and humor. that male that is trying to sound like a female, sounds just like a female, and the other male doesn't just sound like a perv, he sounds like a very determined perv, a perv that takes his job seriously as a perverted male. The female sounding male nailed that scream so hard, i love it.
19/10 would give butt again

I'll admit that I came across this first from the GMod Idiot Box, but I just had to see where the source was to pay homage. Made me laugh at how simple of a joke it was, it was performed pretty damn well. I'm definitely gonna see if I can illicit some unusual reactions by telling this one to my friends out of context.


Pure goodness wrapped up into a little ball of funny.

I heard this over on Youtube from a video by Das Bo Schitt. Laughed like a lunatic then, laughing like a lunatic now.


*calls police*