Reviews for "Absence"

This is a very engaging game. It still deserves the 5 stars even though more could have been done on it.
The soundtrack is also very appropriate, and naturally, I'm curious to know where you got the photos from.


this is impressive, the graphics are absolutely superb... I only got to check it out breiefly cause I don't have much time this morning... wish I had time to play this out right now but your gamne has been added to my favroties collection and I will defintely be returning to it to try to solve the game.


Interesting game it almost felt like there should be more to it (maybe there is). I was under the impression that I would have to get power to the AC which would then shake loose a braket that I could use to open the door with no handle. Anyhow..

There are some things that seem a bit hard to find (the key for instance (which is above a doorway in the main hall for those who are having trouble with it). There also seemed to be several puzzles that could have been but weren't (I mentioned the door with no handle, there is also the space under the grate where she won't stick her hand, the map with the tacks, sarah written on the wall, and the green thumb comment to me implied something as well).

Beyond that one bonus I have to give you is that even though some things were hard to see at least the ultimate progression had a bit of logic to it. Which is personally a place where I feel that many escape games fail horribly.

My score was horrid by the by, it took me forever to find the bloody key, and I spent unnesecery time on non existant puzzles. Keep up the good work.

help me!

what do you do when you get all four stones!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

It's ok.

It was a bit challenging as it was a tad bit hard to see some of the things, but it's really not a bad game...however the ending left me wanting to know more about what happened. I'm assuming there will be a sequel to this?