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Reviews for "Ghetto Name Generator"


tipabrira is a ghetto name

white-darkness1 responds:

Yes, yes it is.

Awesome! Wish it was left-to-right tho...

Got some pretty funny results. Had to turn my mute on at a point, lol. Awesome song tho. Keep up the good wrk Colin. :3

white-darkness1 responds:

Thanks, brah. :D

decent idea....

you should remake this,mainly with names that make sense at least 30% of the time lol.oh and a mute button would be good so you wont hear the song loop over and over.

white-darkness1 responds:

Yeah. Again. 20 minutes. If I ever redo this, I'm gonna figure out how to line up the names or at least have it display them lined up properly somehow. And I probably should have a mute button, but oh well. I don't really plan on redoing this, and chances are I'm going to make a legitimate game. Thanks for the review, though. :)


Well the main issue I have with this is that the names really make no sense.

white-darkness1 responds:

Yeah, some of them do, some don't. As I said, I made it in 20 minutes, so you shouldn't really have been expecting it to be phenomenal.

This is nice

Now I don't need to think of a name for ganster wars. lol to the remix. spill the beans pls.

white-darkness1 responds:

You're welcome. The remix is called 50 Cent in Hilltop Zone.