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Reviews for "Liberty Prime Soundboard"

awesome buts somethings a miss??

This is an awesome soundboard but like others have said its missing some things and its gets a 6 mainly because its missing my favorite line, Communism a LIE!!!

Awesome but could be better

I think there a few more u could add
like wat the guy a little bit down below said the "Zero percent" and "better dead than red" and well just about everything he ever says

i also think theres a little too much echo in the sound board but props anyways for having the only liberty prime soundboard

id prefer to have the mp3s but this will do


This is absolutely delicious dude. I didn't think anyone else would have put something like this up. Awesome


its great when things like this are poosted on ng... i've been playing fallout 3 for ages now and yet this is the first decent soundboard :D

Inuyasha593 responds:

Thank you :) It's my first flash anything I created too


this is awesome and your are awesome.

how about a super mutant sound board next.

Inuyasha593 responds:

I'll see what I can do :)