Reviews for "Pokemon HD: Ep 1"

This animation smells like Communism

Communism smells good.

Heil responds:



Quality parody guys, keep up the good work.

You guys below me really need better computers.

Heil responds:


lol :D

I love this little techno pokemon SONG!!!!!! btw I knew it was a prank why is so many people replying about their high super omfg cpu HD shit? seriously good job XD

Heil responds:

what prank???

Easter Egg +1?

This flash had me going until the very end and even so I felt like I hadn't had enough, so I looked around for anything extra you might have put into this flash and I found it! a bunch of secret songs! Can't wait for ep 2!

Heil responds:

working on it right now

lol win

i like it. i like it alot

Heil responds:

the best