Reviews for "Pokemon HD: Ep 1"

Is there even anything else?

After the part where it tells you to get a HD monitor is there even anything else at all?
or is that it and everyone is like wtf?

Heil responds:

yes if you dont have a HD monitor, you are missing the animation you dunce

this is stupid

ok so i do have an HD monitor and the latest flash and it still doesn't work so this is either nothing or just doesn't work

Heil responds:

have you configured your HD monitor to the correct HD channel?


Reading some of the comments the newgrounds community is pretty stupid XD
Lol atleast I get the joke =D...

Heil responds:

what joke?

ok this is gay

i don't have a HD monitor and nether does basically anyone else put it in a version people can watch

Heil responds:

some people do


wtf man, alot of people can't afford HD. listen to me and most of the other people reviewing this and make a version that doesn't require HD. i give it a 1 because i love pokemon, if it wasn't for that it would be a 0

Heil responds:

it would ruin the quality