Reviews for "Pokemon HD: Ep 1"

Wow, Really?

I feel that the emotions of Ash weren't properly portrayed in this Flash movie. As Pikachu was being devoured, I simply wasn't feeling the sadness that I should have. I feel that is an issue on your part, you simply skipped over the grieving and weeping.

I also feel that the animation could have used a bit of work; it was too amateurish for me to feel the "theme" of this piece.

I'm sorry, but your work gets a zero for the above reasons.

Heil responds:

youre blind to art

HD-ready monitor?

Why does it exactly have to have this specific requirement? Some people are missing out on a potentially good Pokemon flash, i'd imagine.

Heil responds:


this is epic!

the best thing to come out of pokemon!

Heil responds:

i no

you gotta love

the ability to check file sizes.

Heil responds:

proves its HD


This is a great flash movie. Your art style is amazingly detailed and skillfully drawn. The story is beautifully written and with that shocking unexpected twist at the end, it made me almost want to cry, and I don't even like pokemon.
I greatly look forward to the next episode of Pokemon HD, it is EASILY the best series on newgrounds.

Heil responds:

thankyou, atleast someone appriciates my work