Reviews for "Pokemon HD: Ep 1"

Nice try.

However pressing back and forth with the right click menu shows there is no rest of the movie beyond the opening and the error message. Might want to disable right clicking next time around.

Heil responds:

you wont see the rest if you dont have a hd monitor you retard

Easter Egg +1?

This flash had me going until the very end and even so I felt like I hadn't had enough, so I looked around for anything extra you might have put into this flash and I found it! a bunch of secret songs! Can't wait for ep 2!

Heil responds:

working on it right now


i have a HD monitor and the newest flash player updates so its crap

Heil responds:

ur crap

lol :D

I love this little techno pokemon SONG!!!!!! btw I knew it was a prank why is so many people replying about their high super omfg cpu HD shit? seriously good job XD

Heil responds:

what prank???

lol, wow.

man, i has no HD. therefore, no points for you, heathen.
you and your goddamn quality standards.

Heil responds:

dont review it then