Reviews for "Pokemon HD: Ep 1"

Oh god!

It was totally amazing, especially the part with the error and Pikachu and stuff. Yeah! Also aids.

Heil responds:


lol win

i like it. i like it alot

Heil responds:

the best


Its even funnier because I DO have an HD monitor...

Well Played, Sir :P

Heil responds:

you got to enjoy it then

About four years too late.

This might have been funny a few years ago, when HD monitors were more rare and expensive. As it is, it's extremely hard to find a monitor that does not support widescreen format. It's hard to even find 17" monitors. Many video cards don't even have the 15 pin VGA connector anymore. Furthermore, it's hard to find a CD-ROM drive on a new computer.

This is just another fake collab that doesn't even bother to offer poorly drawn stick figures to get the point across. You did pad it with sound files to bring the file size up, so you get half a point for creativity. In addition, it does have graphics. I guess, that's a plus. In total, I'm voting 5 (stars) for your effort.

Obligatory constructive criticism: You could have included a poorly drawn stick-figure movie for those with "inferior" monitors.

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It's funny how some people react to this. Especially the people who think there's something else to it! XD

Heil responds:

there is