Reviews for "Pokemon HD: Ep 1"


Ummm I have an HD ready monitor... and it says I can't watch it...

Heil responds:

well then you dont

Bad joke

I'd love to tell you how much I laughed about this joke, but...

... it wasn't funny. I'll give you a star for making your trolling seem professional, what with the description and the big team. I have to tell you, that the error message is just to hard to belive, though. I also don't think you're supposed to link to songs you don't use.

Heil responds:


If i was going to be any more pissed off.

I'd be chris brown.

Stupid high definition...

Heil responds:

ok chris

is there any way

to can make the same thing not in HD (or put it on youtube)

Heil responds:

sorry no


It was pretty good, and clever at the same time, but I gotta subtract some points since your going to make some little kids cry :D

Heil responds: