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Reviews for "Submachine 6: the edge"


yet another brilliant puzzle with an amazing story line.


It's perfect except it's too short.


The story is getting more interesting. :D
Graphically it looks awesome, the environments have a cold and desolate feel, which is enhanced by the music. You really feel lonely.
Puzzles were cool, especially the egyptian room one. The game wasn't very long though, and it had a few bugs too. Both of the bugs I'm referring to have been mentioned earlier. My favorite still probably is the lighthouse or number 4... They felt longer than this one. Also you couldn't use the secrets for anything. :(

Still, I'm a big fan of the submachine series, and can't wait to play the next one!!!
Keep it up! :D

but it's too short.

A very interesting and fun story... I like it a lot.