Reviews for "Naruto Randomness 7"

I'm Fucking love it x3

This is so cool x3
I Love Itachi too
Itachi is a good boy :D (Tobi/Madara Sucks ¬¬.....and Sasuke too)
Yeah, Sakura is a slut >:D, we all hate Sakura :D (Go Sakura Haters!!)
Lol, "Leave Sasuke alone, He is a Human"
Poor Naruto, He's so stupid when he want it ¬¬

American No-Jutsu!

The animation is very well done the voices could use a little work, You deserve over a 4.00 score!

the music was well used =P!


The virtual insanity part....

I checked the video on (cannot tell the site) and I saw the clip. If you see the clip you will note that its the same dancing of jamiroquai. GREAT!!! note: the part is (1:42 to 2:11).


nice cant wait to see the rest of the vids u do

awesome vid.

in my opinnion this is the best NR!!!I love the virtual insanity , the springtime and the G.Bush: see war solves everything,Kisame: NOO THEY DON'T!! XD I laugh for like 10 minutes with that xD , I'll be waiting for your new projects =)