Reviews for "Naruto Randomness 7"


the awesome was how you portrayed that son of a fucking singing bitch douche sharingan brother killing emo hawk pritty boy....gayboy saucegay. I mean really, he spent his whole childhood being a vengeful egodick. then when he sees that someone is a little stronger than him he WILLINGLY joined up with an obvious pedophile, became an even more of an egodick, killed him, and killed his innocent bad ass brother. The WORST is that he acts so sad after but goes on ahead to do the thing his bother died so he wouldn't do. anyway.. the but was because naruto was my favorite character before characters like garra and all the akatsuki came in. He aint gay, all the obsession is just because of the promise to sakura. still 7/10 DEATH TO THE EMO HAWK!!!!!!!!

Damn Silent Hill.

It won't leave me alone. It's been a couple of years since i lasted viewed it and it still holds up. That's a nice thing. Plus all the illusions and parodies are funny as hell. But that damn SILENT HILL YAARGGH! I wish you could make more but I understand this is the final Naruto Randomness. Oh well. It was fun. I gave up on the series as well. Final review: Perfect 10.
...fucking silent hill won't leave me alone.....pyramid head...mgggrrr

Yo Tobi

Tobi use Sharingan on Kishimoto just to hold the WHOLE Naruto Plot !

LOL Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

U did the stars with how the episodes in that anime
that was so cool
GOOD JOB was too much funny

all right!!!!!!!!!!

Now I will see realy naruto shippudden XD !!!