Reviews for "Obechi"

its all right

this game is allright but its not that good. it can vary hard at times.

It'd be better but

It'd be better if it didn't lag. Especially at level 3.

I wish I could give more but...

I don't get it. how do I even pass level 1?
if it were a bigger game, I might have sent an email. seems like a nice

KiggD responds:

Click and hold and collect BOTH dots...

Coulda been better.

I must say that it was indeed impressive, but it was missing something.

I must be doing something wrong...

...Or the game is badly bugged for me. I click start, I get the level 1 screen, it tells me to 'collect two dots by clicking and holding'. I press okay, and I get a screen with a mission, 'collect two dots with exactly one ring', a timer, counting up, and two dots. I click and hold, and a movable ring appears. I positioned it around the dots, and released. Nothing happened. I made a ring that touched both dots. Nothing, I made an incredibly complex Venn diagram of extra rings. I restarted repeatedly, tried different methods, always nothing. Just the timer going up and two stationary dots.

KiggD responds:

That's very strange. What browser are you using?