Reviews for "Obechi"

Fun, but far too easy.

The game is fun, but too simple. The exact same strategy can be applied to every level, you put rings around a big clump until you get down to a few rings, then just wait a bit for a grouping you like to emerge... There's no challenge, and so it gets boring quickly. I've no idea how you might make it harder, but without difficulty it just gets repetitive.


i thought it was going to be easy but i spent like 7 minutes trying to do level 15...good job


The game and music gets boring after a while but still a good game


Great game... later levels were hard with i liked


It's alright but, the fact that you can move the ring around kinda makes way too easy. for the first 5 levels i didnt know you can move it till i tried it. It made it way too simple got bored at level 9, stopped at 10.