Reviews for "Obechi"

Good Idea

I find its a good idea and when the game start it make a loots of fun and nice music but after some minuts it boring. Its not a bad game but all times the same

Fun, but far too easy.

The game is fun, but too simple. The exact same strategy can be applied to every level, you put rings around a big clump until you get down to a few rings, then just wait a bit for a grouping you like to emerge... There's no challenge, and so it gets boring quickly. I've no idea how you might make it harder, but without difficulty it just gets repetitive.


i thought it was going to be easy but i spent like 7 minutes trying to do level 15...good job


Great game... later levels were hard with i liked


I really apreciate it, but it's not too dificult. Actually it was pretty easy and a bit repetitive.