Reviews for "Obechi"

Not for the over achiever.

You MUST get ONLY x amount of dots with EXACTLY the amount of rings you are given. The strategy gets tiresome. Collect as many as you can at 1st then scavenge for the last couple (one or 2 to a ring). OR collects some each click until you get close to the # needed. Its not challenging but it is sort of soothing. Full screen was nice.


MY HEAD!!! I stayed home today from a massive headache! Getting to level 10 didn't help!

Creative and beautiful

Really well done.

Great new idea
Great music
Fun gameplay

Just not exactly extremely fun :)


Nice game, gets old, but good if your really bored

Thats unique as fuck

Reeaaally different

The music is relaxing and the gameplay is just something I've never played before
This is good but It gets boring

Good job though

4/5 man