Reviews for "Obechi"




I like it. Thanks for this game.

fun, but difficult to control

This is a fun and challenging game, but at level 12 it gets to be really really difficult to get any real control over how many dots the circle is going to catch because it seems to require more higher and lower numbers, which are visually uncountable and hard to keep away from the circle, respectively. I think it would be more fun if it displayed the number of dots currently in the circle before the circle is committed, to get better control over how many are in when releasing the mouse. Aside from that though, I like it. The little animations with the dots and the changing colors are fun.

Needs another dimension

It was a frustrating game until I got the hang of it, but the challenges became less interesting after that. I was especially annoyed at level 14. The quick response on the scoreboard really helped keep track and the colors and patterns were pleasant, but I agree with some of the previous comments that while this game appears to have potential, it's missing something.

Preety cool

It's an interesting and unique game ... simple graphics are sometimes the best ... a little easy once you get the hang of it