Reviews for "Obechi"

Not bad.

It's good. I like it.


This game is fun and addicting. i can't beat lvl 15, though. Is there a trick to it? Anyways, the game is great, the colors are nice, and the music is oddly soothing.

Sometimes, simple is better

This game is very simple, causing very low lag. The music suits the atmosphere very well just making it better even more. Only problem is that it's too empty.

Great Game

Great concept. I enjoyed the challenge but it could have been longer.


A great timewaster, quick and simple, yet still pretty challenging for the mind. The idea of creating rings by holding down the mouse is a new one I think, easy to perform with only one hand, and still gets harder quickly as the number of dots increase. One too many and it's OVER. Retry option is needed, the sound effects and colors are all ambient and easy on the eye, overall it's a great game, keep it up!