Reviews for "Obechi"

Great game all around...

... but please replace the youtube full screen and audio buttons with something styled more like this game.

Other than that, the visuals are wonderfully appealing, the music is easy to listen to and fits the game perfectly, and the gameplay is addictive but not punishing. Great game!

Still knocked one off because of the youtube/audio icons...

KiggD responds:

thanks for the feedback. i agree and i'll see what i can do about that. we chose the fullscreen as people are familiar with that logo. the audio icon though is something we could work on. thank you.


Nice and simple concept, yet is still very challenging

that was cool!

i liked boomshine too, though. i think my favorite feature of this game was the fullscreen button. developers take note, most games should have the fullscreen button!

Good simple game! :)

My only gripe is I wish it was longer with a bit more variation. Until lvl 12 the game was just too easy but I guess you'd have to learn how to play so that's not a huge concern. I just wish there were more challenging levels. My end results on my first play through were 6:24 and 7 retries. I'll have to comeback sometime and beat my scrore... :P


very funny game