Reviews for "Obechi"


I have to agree with Computer-ronin.

The game is soothing and easy to play. I didn't feel any sense of rush other than the timer (and even then that was only because i decided to pay attention to it.

The design of the nucleus is what makes it personal because, as Computer-ronin stated, it depends on how you collect the particles. The only level this doesn't apply to is Level 14, where the only solution is to collect one at a time.

I gave it a 9/10 because i was hoping for more levels. This game is addicting, man.


This game is the logic testah! The only bad part is the instructions to follow. But if it's what makes the game challenging, that's okay. The music was grand, too! Nice job!

nice relaxing game

get's frustrating when entering some harder levels, thought...

very good

love this game its simple but hard at parts

Woah, great!

I have been chronicling all of the stuff you have submitted to this website and this is among your best! It's great to know that an underdog like you won Daily 2nd Place and got such a high rating. This was really fun as it used a lot of bright colors. The music was nice as well as the sound you made when you collected them. I could not understand it at first, but now that I can, it's very addictive. If you keep submitting more great games like this, you will be sure to get the recognition you deserve!

KiggD responds:

thank you ericho!