Reviews for "Obechi"


This game seems straightforward, but can take you in any direction! A true masterpiece!

One of the best I ever played.

I must say, this game is all around an excellent game. The music is calm and peaceful. The animations of the particles after you win a level is actually a good idea as I like the design and movement of them in later levels. And I thought it was going to be quite easy at first due to the fact that I needed like 8 particles and still had 5 rings,but I changed my mind when you needed fewer particles and you had many rings to use. So overall, it's an excellent game! Keep up the good work!


d15 g4m3 i5 t3h t0t4l 3p1c wtfbbq w1inzor!!
(This game rocks. MORE MORE MORE!!!)

14 is an asshole level

14 is freaking hard.

I was determined to beat it. but after at least an hour, I give up.

This game is very creative. The most simple of things can end up being the most beautiful.

love it,


Challenging and fun at the same time. Fresh concept. Loveit