Reviews for "Obechi"

This is an awsome Game

First @ Trygon: U should update your flashplayer maybe, dunno wich version u have.

This game is awsome, it's challenging, not difficult to understand, it has got good ambient music and good videoquality....more levels please^^


Interesting for a bit

Simple design.. nice gameplay, and the music was perfect.

Unique game with unique puzzles

I honestly can't think of anything wrong with this. Simply breathtaking.


I don't know about the other people but it doesn't get easier in later levels. And unlike other reaction games the mechanics doean't get too overly exaggerated in later levels (many balls that the screen is pwah!)

A very beautiful game and fairly original concept, it's very relaxing and simplistic. I particularly love how the spheres are "dancing" upon level completion, it's pleasing to the eye.