Reviews for "Obechi"


In addition to the clever gameplay, i LOVE that oyu can play full screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish that all flash games could :) nice job

Pretty cool game

Was both fun and addicting.


:)!!!! has no point to anthing and i cant related this game to life or meaning..
love it its fun to play 5/5
and love the music very relaxing

Sweet game!

Great time killer! I don't see why everyone complains about lvl 14 though. I beat it in 30 seconds :P But honestly, great puzzle game! I wish it was longer though.

Fun game.

Nice game indeed, loved the music, but things get quite meh around level 14 where it seems kinda impossible to only grab one dot at a time. It's not a bad challenge idea, but after playing and losing on level 14 for over 20 minutes, I simply got bored, gave up, and went off to play something else.

Still, nice game, nice concept.