Reviews for "Obechi"

A truly Unique Game! Way to go!

This is unique.
Simple, yes, but elegant. The sounds and music compliment the style of game and everything.

..What more could I give than my 10? a 5 as well perhaps? :D

Very good

I was surprised at how such a simple game could be great fun. It actually got quite challenging at some points but I got about 9 Min 35 Seconds with 8 retries for my first time. I spent the most time on the last level waiting for the last four to get close enough to each other XD Thanks for a great game.


this game rock's! i have felling that i will see it on front page.


Last two levels killed me :P 8min 47sec 16 retries, 14 of which where the last two. Loved the game, look forward to future creations. Just a small idea, but a sort of "free mode" or "Build your own" would be quite fancy.


Reminds me of boomshine. Very nice game but the end would have been nice if there was some underlying secret... oh well. Love it.