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Reviews for "Obechi"


Although this is short. It's definately fun and challenging. It is also very unique. I think you did a really good job. I don't know why... but I had A LOT more trouble with level 14 than I did with level 15.

Awesome game

A truly Unique Game! Way to go!

This is unique.
Simple, yes, but elegant. The sounds and music compliment the style of game and everything.

..What more could I give than my 10? a 5 as well perhaps? :D

fun, but difficult to control

This is a fun and challenging game, but at level 12 it gets to be really really difficult to get any real control over how many dots the circle is going to catch because it seems to require more higher and lower numbers, which are visually uncountable and hard to keep away from the circle, respectively. I think it would be more fun if it displayed the number of dots currently in the circle before the circle is committed, to get better control over how many are in when releasing the mouse. Aside from that though, I like it. The little animations with the dots and the changing colors are fun.

Great game all around...

... but please replace the youtube full screen and audio buttons with something styled more like this game.

Other than that, the visuals are wonderfully appealing, the music is easy to listen to and fits the game perfectly, and the gameplay is addictive but not punishing. Great game!

Still knocked one off because of the youtube/audio icons...

KiggD responds:

thanks for the feedback. i agree and i'll see what i can do about that. we chose the fullscreen as people are familiar with that logo. the audio icon though is something we could work on. thank you.


In addition to the clever gameplay, i LOVE that oyu can play full screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish that all flash games could :) nice job