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Reviews for "Obechi"

Sometimes, simple is better

This game is very simple, causing very low lag. The music suits the atmosphere very well just making it better even more. Only problem is that it's too empty.


this game rock's! i have felling that i will see it on front page.

Very good

I was surprised at how such a simple game could be great fun. It actually got quite challenging at some points but I got about 9 Min 35 Seconds with 8 retries for my first time. I spent the most time on the last level waiting for the last four to get close enough to each other XD Thanks for a great game.


its a really good game, nice music, simple.
BUT... there are some bugs like it takes some time for the ring to appear and sometimes when u just only click to get 1 ball, it makes the biggest sircle.

Really fun

Gotta give it to ya on creativity. I can honestly say i haven't played a game quite like this one. Kinda short thats why i knocked off the one star. The music reminds me of Kingdom hearts. I have to say level 14 is the worst out of any of the rest. Good game. Looking forward to a number two, or any game you put out thats half as good as this one. Props!!!