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Reviews for "Obechi"


I don't know about the other people but it doesn't get easier in later levels. And unlike other reaction games the mechanics doean't get too overly exaggerated in later levels (many balls that the screen is pwah!)

a highly original and fun game!

the game does tend to get a bit easy after awhile.
but that is the only flaw, and it is a very minor one.

the music was serene and tranquil, the gameplay was simple and easy to jump into. there were no glitches or issues that i could find. and the graphics, although simplistic, were finely drawn. no pixels or "rubber banding" here!

overall this was a great game, and kudos on the music! it is what makes this game so great.

Pretty darn good.

Im sorry, I liked the game and all but it doesn't even compare to boomshine. I'd prolly think the game was flawless had I never played boomshine. Oh well, great game all in all. Definately reminds me of boomshine, from the colors to the music.

Great, Original Game

This is a AWESOME!!!! game!!

Great peacefull music
Nice idea (not another copy of something else)
easy to use controls

Overall this is an awesome game alot of great stuff!

great i idea

but i got use to it quickly and then it became too easy no matter how many i had to collect......so it get boring too quickly, sorry