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Tops !!

I mean that in more ways than one. The gane is simple in terms of gameplay, but it creates a soothing atmosphere, letting the mind work while the body calmly relaxes.

What I enjoy the most:

-The timer doesn't stand out. You can choose to pay attention to it, allowing the personal option of trying to finish as fast as you can, or ignore it and go at your own pace.

-Completing a level is never the same twice. The way the nucleus looks when it's finished, depends on how you collect the particles. I could play this again and again, just to see what the nucleus will look like.

-It doesn't matter if you mess up. I've played games where a mistake causes a loud buzzer to sound, or the words "Game Over" nearly fill the screen. Here, it just says how you messed up. The message is in an average font size, and the nucleus still finishes itself. Rather than scold me, I'm given a figurative pat on the back for trying, and some words of advice.

Truth be told, this is my first written review. However, I have been going to this for years, so I know that a vote of 5, or a review score of 10, are not to be simply handed out. Instead, they must be earned.

Danny "KiggD" Miller, you have done just that, and more. Obechi has earned from me a vote of 5, a review score of 10, and a spot in my favorites list.

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KiggD responds:

thank you


d15 g4m3 i5 t3h t0t4l 3p1c wtfbbq w1inzor!!
(This game rocks. MORE MORE MORE!!!)


This game is the logic testah! The only bad part is the instructions to follow. But if it's what makes the game challenging, that's okay. The music was grand, too! Nice job!

Great Game :D

The game is BRILLIANT :D Simple Concept and the music goes great with it
Great Job :D

Stunningly simple but beautiful

Wow, such a simply concept and design. I'm most impressed by the way the captured dots form patterned rings in the center and then the dots dance at the end of each level. The music is perfectly befitting.