Reviews for "Obechi"

very good

love this game its simple but hard at parts

nice relaxing game

get's frustrating when entering some harder levels, thought...

I am in love with this game

17:29, 15 retrys, possible the best quater hour of the day so far! Music, concept, pretty dots, they're all awesome!


God DAMN that was infuriating. Its wasnt a "bad" game, in fact it was really cool puzzle . . . collecting . . . thing . . . game, but the friggin last levels become so hair-pullingly frustrating, in a good way. I became determined to not let the game beat me. During the 200 with 15 level, I was so angry I was literally threatening my computer (yes, I yell at inanimate objects all the time, no joke). But, in hindsight, it was 25.22 minutes of my freetime well spent.

Good concept!

I love chemistry so much, and that's why I love this game so much.