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Reviews for "Obechi"

Great Game with Amazing Music

Definitely a top-notch game with absolutely stunning music. My only real complaint is how level 14 is so difficult. It almost always takes me two minutes just for that level, and considering that the game itself normally takes me seven or eight minutes to finish, spending that much time on one level seems a little silly. But, then again, it could just be a deficiency on my part.
Aside from that, I love the gameplay and the length. I just wish that I knew which song of his was used in this game, or even if it is available for purchase.

KiggD responds:

The music is by Tim Halbert.

Very artistic!

I Really enjoyed this game. The gameplay, the artstyle of the game and the music, create a very fun and relaxing experience. Level 14 was hard but I didn't get frustrated because of how relaxing the game is. It is a very sothing experince and I recommend everyone to check it out.

I give it 10/10 and 5/5.

Kinda hard but cool game

i liked it hard but it wont tel me how much dots i collected soit hardeer than i imagined but STILL COLL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TEE-HEE niga higa


Last two levels killed me :P 8min 47sec 16 retries, 14 of which where the last two. Loved the game, look forward to future creations. Just a small idea, but a sort of "free mode" or "Build your own" would be quite fancy.

that was cool!

i liked boomshine too, though. i think my favorite feature of this game was the fullscreen button. developers take note, most games should have the fullscreen button!