Reviews for "Pampcakes"


i could go for some waffles x3 funny

PeteGrammarman responds:

Everyone knows waffles are inferior to pancakes!


I now feel bad for having pancakes this morning.

PeteGrammarman responds:

Don't feel bad, pancakes are horrible people on the inside.

sniff sniff

ill eat burned toast... xD

PeteGrammarman responds:

Yeah, I like my toast burnt too. Maybe the fact that it can talk is holding me back.

Simple and clean

It's great to see humor that doesn't have to be profane..but then again I guess imbeciles like allatreev down there can't be amused unless it's rated R. Oh well..some people just lack in intelligence I suppose

Funny vid,good work

PeteGrammarman responds:

Thanks, but don't be so hard on allatreev, I guess it just wasn't his cup of tea.



Loved it. except for the WASTE of perfectly awesome pancakes.


PeteGrammarman responds:

No one wasted any pancakes, they weren't real. Thanks for the review.