Reviews for "Pampcakes"

pretty funny

funny animation it was good, believe it or not i feel worse for the toast

PeteGrammarman responds:

The toast will live on forever, uneaten. Thanks for the review.


I now feel bad for having pancakes this morning.

PeteGrammarman responds:

Don't feel bad, pancakes are horrible people on the inside.

Good for you!

Saw this one your deviantART congratulations on front page!

Knocked down one star because it was just a talking stack of pancakes... But you get the other 9 because it was hilarious..

PeteGrammarman responds:

JUST a talking stack of pancakes?! Yeah, okay, its not that impressive I s'pose. Thanks for the review!


Im hungry nao

PeteGrammarman responds:

I'm sorry this made you hungry, that was not my intent. Thanks for the review!


haha made me chuckle

PeteGrammarman responds:

I'm glad it got you a chuckle!