Reviews for "Pampcakes"

That was great.

Gwaaah I';m burning up!. lol That pancake cracked me up. That and the egg who show sup and just tells him to burn as a solution. It made my day.

PeteGrammarman responds:

I'm glad I could bring happiness into a stranger's day. Thanks for the kind words!


i could go for some waffles x3 funny

PeteGrammarman responds:

Everyone knows waffles are inferior to pancakes!

Frontpage!! YEY!

Nicely done mate. Keep up the good work.

Congrats, you got frontpaged!

You need to work a little on your voice acting tough If you keep practicing, you will reach great animation levels. You got talent.

Keep walking.

PeteGrammarman responds:

Thank you for your kind words sir! I am so happy I made it to the frontpage! I will practice voice acting too, my accents are pretty horrendous.


"No one wants burnt toast" HAHA And that egg done well too. Great short.

PeteGrammarman responds:

Thanks for your words, they make me happy.

Pretty funny

I wonder what happened to the person eating. He didn't eat very much. Either way, nicely animated.

PeteGrammarman responds:

He wasn't very hungry or the talking pancakes didn't taste very good. Thanks for the review!