Reviews for "Pampcakes"


Made me laugh so much about the burning thing...i also loved the extra at the end too, i like this alot!

PeteGrammarman responds:

I'm glad you like this as much as you do. Thanks for taking the time to review it too!


I reviewed this in the flash portal and it got front page +D lol. Anyway some criticism. The movie was very funny. I liked it when the fork and knife came in and the pancake started crying but when the toast came and said you need to be burnt it just just sucked. Still giving it an 8 out of 10 because it was good and funny except for those last 10 seconds or so.

PeteGrammarman responds:

Yeah, I really don't like where the cartoon goes either, and the ending is my least favorite part. Thanks for the review and criticism, it really helps me.


Short funny and well animated!

PeteGrammarman responds:

Thank you sir!

weak punchline

was interesting at first, but declined rather than rose. the end was disappointing

PeteGrammarman responds:

I agree, the punchline is pretty much non-existent. Thing is, I pictured a talking stack of pancakes in my head being eaten, and then started animating it. Then I had no idea where to take it and this is the result. Thanks for the review, any criticism helps.


Good video of Pancakes. yeah seriously I eat burnt pancakes or pancakes anyway as long as I have Maple Syrup.

PeteGrammarman responds:

I do love me some burnt foods, and maple syrup does cure all ailments.