Reviews for "GUNROX: Gang Wars"

Not bad...

But has one fatal flaw; the AI leveling.

The longer the game goes on, the more it becomes impossible to win.

I was playing on normal and by the time I had every defense fully leveled and every offense (except the handgun) fully leveled, I was stalemated and hadn't even hit the enemy base once.

The AI being able to produce units as quickly as I can while also being one step ahead of me in upgrades, makes having the high powered weapons and defenses useless. Because by the time you have all of those upgrades, the enemy does too, creating nothing more than an unwinable stalemate situation.


I upgraded everything abit before my enemy,and then the battle was too long so i left da game.Niceeeeeeee.

Nice game

this game is addicting!

Too short

Not too bad as a TD game, but it's way too short. Also, the game appears to have NOTHING to do with the online game which it advertises.

Suggestions (if you're going to make a real game out of this):
1) allow units to pass through one another. Swordsmen in Epic War could pass through archer units to get to the front, for example.
2) toss in some special abilities, like some sort of catapult or sniper (like the ballista from Epic War).
3) a bit more unit variety
4) more levels
5) leveling up of your facilities and units beyond what is already there.