Reviews for "Being One - Episode 4"


I love all the episodes!!!!

Good series overall

Found myself enjoying all of the series, but this wasn't my favorite and the reason for that is that the story (which I have loved since the beginning of the game, all of the supernatural experiments were great) fell flat at the end where we got a text screen explaining everything. It just seemed like there should have been something more to it, I was hyped up but let down. All in all, though, this was another great installment and I hope you continue to make more games of this sort.

Best story I've seen in a long time

The story is just plain awesome. Just the right amount of horror, suspense, and intensity. It's too bad that we never really found out what happened to that crazed doctor, but the ending was just beyond words.

Kudos on thinking and creating such a great chain of games.


What an incredible set of games.
The whole series gameplay has such a great flow, and the story is astounding.

An Overall Score!

My 9/10 is my score for all 4 of the games in your saga. Being One is, and always be, a great adventure game series. I hope to learn more of this leader being. I hope to probably see him in a spin-off game (wink wink). Anyway, keep doing watchya do best, and that's making adventure games.