Reviews for "Being One - Episode 4"


awesome,wasnt as scary as the others becuz i knew what to expect,i hope those other games of yours are going well

Great Game!

This was a really good game! I loved playing it and your other games too. Could you please make more of these kind of games or like ghostscape or something? I need to play more!

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, more on the way...Soon!


It was fun, but pretty straight forward. Not a lot of thinking needed.

Deux Est Machina

I loved the whole series, the whole theme, the suspense, it was plainly wonderful.

But there IS a bad point to it, and it was the ending, I mean, all the whole series were so heavy, and we finish only with a plain text, I was expecting a little more... But otherwise its a wonderful pack of games.

It would've been interesting to see Venus, and/or know what happened with the doctor.... maybe also going to the place told in the README file... great work

awesome game!!!!

great ending id like to see waht happens to rycroft if you could amke another game that shows that maybe the being travels to the coordinates shown in the readme file then rycroft tricks the being and traps him/her or something along that storyline maybe taking place in another space base above all 10/10