Reviews for "Being One - Episode 4"

From the start I couldn't help but feel that maybe we'd already missed an opportunity for a mystery to solve, because rather than have it as something you discover, it's instead made blatantly obvious from the beginning that this is to be based around werewolves. It's so obvious that you needn't have even played the previous game (which also suggests werewolves could be featured). Flash games can never be special effects driven, so I really think (in my opinion) that the same idea approached in a more subtle way would be better - as I've said in my reviews for previous games in this series.

Also, this game unfortunately fell back on a flaw that was present in the 2nd game of the series - the emergence of situations where the game will not let you exit a puzzle until it's deemed that you've solved it. It certainly ensures that people won't miss anything and have to go back and retrace their steps (thereby keeping the game moving quickly), but it makes this game not a point and click adventure game as you would normally expect, but instead a point and click story. Your cerebrum will not be needed.

That said, there are many positives aspects here, that you will not find in many other games. Where the game does try to be subtle and then shock you, it succeeds. It would just slightly benefit more by giving you less hints beforehand what those shocks will be, but that it's able to still do that regardless is an achievement. Also, I'm sure you are all familiar with having to collect a set of items in game - well for once it's for something that's actually worth it!

I thought the ending was an interesting twist, but I do hope it twists again. Despite the negatives, I think this game is still worthy of 4 stars.

Aliens refernce, when the mummified guy says "kill me".

It's creative that he includes mythical creatures and aliens the werewolves are cool the vampires are amazing and getting to play as a werewolf was a great touch.

Didn't expect that ending, but awesome nonetheless. I can't wait to play #5.

i love the series