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Reviews for "Helio Adventures"

As sonic sez!!!!

"Your to slow!!!" lololol XD. . . :waits for thumbs down:

It's slow. They get it.

I just thought I might give you a tip:
If you want to balance it out so your average player (gamer is a term for the experienced ones I'd say), just add a difficulty choice. Like Hard, Normal, and Easy. Easy would be the mode we have here (let's face it, your average person who spends time on the internet playing games finds this easy), make normal mode the one that's faster paced, and hard mode having some sort of challenging twist. Like a short amount of time to get to the end, or having to collect ALL the stars before finishing the level. Who knows?

Anyways, good game mate. The mechanics were smooth, and I rather enjoyed playing it once I got used to the mellow'd out speed.

To make a point

It was pretty slow, as said earlier.

What you need to understand is that, in todays world, the average gamer IS an experienced gamer.

Not my style

It's not my style of games, but it can't afford a bad rating. I think this game is reeeaallyyy sssllooooww.......ooowww.....

Yeah, wathever.

CerebralGames responds:

yes, the game may seems slow for experienced players, we tried to balance it to the average player. Thanks for the comment

could be better

the gameplay is very addicting but very slow to get started. if you give it some medals it would be more fun as you would be trying to achieve someting.
+++Dont say this is useless i am just saying what i think.+++