Reviews for "Glass Fish Rhythm"


Their is a three glitches that I know of in this game.

-In the first or second form of the wizard if you keep pausing the atlantis theme will start playing and collum will fall
-After Finishing the game it wont give you the medal.
-When you see the statue that says hero it will freeze.The solution to this is to keep pressing space.


I would love to know when the quality button is fixxed again (win 98 achieve) deserves an 10! fun game =9

am i f*cked?

just reading the reviews! DAMN the game sounds hard! pm me if ya beat the game!

"It's too hard, waaaaah".

Let's see you wusses play some real retro games, then complain that this is hard.

Musical game!

I wanted to play a musical game since long! I didn't expect it to be done in flash. Amazing programming and music skills.

The game was good, but I didn't like that acceleration movement. It makes game irresponsive and heavy.

Yet, I really enjoyed it to the end. Thumbsup!