Reviews for "Glass Fish Rhythm"


The game had no strong flaws in my opinion. Good little story, great music with perfectly synced instances happening to them. Cool save system. Very challenging, and considering the length it's understandable. Graphics were sweet and the game was pretty darn fun.

Why are people complaining?

The game isn't hard? It's simple. And it's easy to understand. You're a glass fish. Something hits you, or you hit something and the glass smashes. How does that not make sense?

Anyway, controls were fine too. Especially since you're in the water, and added extra challenge into the game having the move all over the place to dodge things.

I liked the music too, and how the game had it's own beat to the music. I can imagine it would of been tough to programme or even do, if only people thought about this insted of complaining about how they die every 5 seconds.

The medals wern't hard to get either, and they are fun and require you to actually think to get them.

Anyway, well done with a nice game.


this game deserves much more than the 3.5 score on it's belt, but at least it is the featured front page game. "Heads Up!" and "Lights Out" are a bit hard to get, as i still haven't gotten them, but i'll just keep replaying the game, letting everything kill me once. the concept was great, and the rhythm aspect was a great touch, as well. all in all, i think it was great, and deserves much more than it has.


The ending sent shiver around my whole boddy, truly a beautifull game.


i love the secound beat so much