Reviews for "Glass Fish Rhythm"


The thing that kept me going was the music! It helped me figure out when something would come crashing down. A simple but fun game, wonderfully
drawn too! If i could give an 11/10, I would!

Fun though challenging.

-I love how everyone is complaining that this game is too hard and thus giving it 0s because of it. It's really funny actually that they're all whining about it. Okay, so sure, you die when you touch anything, nothing we haven't seen before, so why are you complaining? Of course it was hard to do at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's relatively simple to control. I found the game rather enjoyable. The controls are fair, remind me of the "fishy" game. The main issue is that it's a little slippery, as in you continue to move after releasing the button unless you make short movements.

-The soundtrack is great, it's really fun. It's really enjoyable how the enemies move in motion with the music, so once you you hear the tune a few times, you know what to expect. I especially enjoyed the music for the third level. Glad I liked it so much since I played that one the most(multiple tries on boss battle). Overall, it's a pretty good game, and I like it.


good game, good music, good story. What should I say?


Its funny

Last Level

Fun game and music great! But the last level made me mad...