Reviews for "Glass Fish Rhythm"

Gets annoying after level 1

I like the idea of enemies moving to the rhythm of the music. Overall game play is a different story,the glass fish breaking into tiny pieces by any object gets on my nerves after a while. It's a good thing you added save eggs so if you were to get past anything you were having troubles (one of my struggles were the sharks) you'd save right past it. Don't get me wrong, this game isn't bad. It just gets annoying after starting all over again every time.

could improve

it is hard and the delayy along with the floating crap and themoving screen is abit too much and im sure not many people got past the first few seconds of levels one with running into the smallest think or getting forced into a wall because of the horrible delay when you try to stop.so i recommend that the delay get taken off and that would make alot of people stop complaining about it being hard and not over welm the first few seconds or so with lots of stuff to dodge and get around which is basically imposible with out you dieing and starting over.

too hard

this game is too hard.
but the idea is good!

Decent, but..

do people seriously find this hard? It is annoying, that's a complete different thing.
Like if you fail the boss you have to do the level over.. why is that? You already proved you can pass the level and than you have to prove it again.. that's dumb.

Also a thing a really hate is.. the ending. That so called tough fish was not the real hero, why would that other fish give him the credit while he bullies her/it. That's not right.

Other than these things it's a good game. And quite unique.

too hard

This fish is liek glass the game is too hard.