Reviews for "Glass Fish Rhythm"

Super Awesome!

This game offers such a unique play experience! A mix between 8-bit platform maneuvering and rhythmic timing, this game is so very novel! Don't get frustrated by dying after one hit; this game is meant to be calmly and meditatively. I love it!

Not Bad.

The idea of the enemies coming onscreen/attacking with the music is an interesting concept, although it's quite annoying when you die in one hit, especially when you can't move fast enough to avoid the hazards ahead. Also, I found a very annoying glitch on Level 2: When you find the fish that disappear, lay an egg on the ground while you're above the second one. When your fish hatches, it will instantly die, and you get caught in a loop that causes you to restart the level.


Great graphics, good music - unlike any other rhythm game I've played. As stated, it's too difficult. Improvements would do nicely.

Amasing but frustrating

Amasing game and beautiful music but really annoying when you touch ANYTHING and have to restart the level... even with the save eggs, it would be nice to have sommething like a health bar to make it a little bit easyer... maybe like a damage bar showing how craked the glass is?
LOVE the music and the game but get bored from having to restart all the time...

Sorry, but this needs more effort.

First thing i have to say is: repetetive. Sometimes i get pissed because it's too slow or too hard to dodge the incoming obstruction.
Secondly, screw water. I know your point is to give us delayed movement, but i'd prefer non-gliding/slippery movement. The idea of egg checkpoint is pretty cool, but i would reconsider. I wouldn't think about dropping eggs while being attacked by piranhas, weird objects undersea, and whatever- would i? I doubt that. This game is really great if it was tweaked a little. But i still like it.
In the future, just try to make something awesome for not just me, but everyone. great work anyways!