Reviews for "Glass Fish Rhythm"


you are a glass fish.and you lay eggs for check points. i blew up out of no where i was trying to lay a save egg ang i blow up how i didnt touch anything.try add an easy and normal game mode

Fishy meh

Nothing new; boring as hellz

I love the music.

Love these type of pixel games, old fashioned. Music is great.

50/50 type of game

You either love it or hate it, But i think I can't chose just that. I like how it's a maze almost. But it's kind of difficult for me.

Game is neat . Needs improvements

This game is neat . Music is relaxing . but needs improvements cause I think the game is not human nature oriented game why? Fish is a glass type fish: MUST AVOID everything . You cant even attack back. Even with the save eggs you must be skilled enough to avoid numerous obstacles in narrow passages . I would like a crack meter bar so you dont feel stressed . The game screen moves fast so its tricky to avoid enemies. Power ups like invinsivility (invulnerable for short time) , stop time , star bursting fish (like super mario using a star) Flower of Fire, Missiles Power up to magically shoot rockets can be suggestions to make future sagas of this title more easier to play.

Good Game But It can be frustrating Restart levels when all your save eggs are used. Play and save on your Favorite list when you tired . Have Fun!!!!